Now Accepting Registrations for Upcoming Summer Boot Camp!

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We now offer both a Summer and Winter Boot Camp.


Dates for Summer Training is July 7-8, 2017.

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Burned Out Landlord shares his frustration….. (that many others can relate to)

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“After nearly 30 years of buying, rehabbing and renting places..and mostly working ft. I think I’ve finally burned out. I no longer have the nerves to deal with a rapid decline in the tenant pool, so called handymen and the paperwork associated with running rentals. Instead of enjoying weekends with the family I’m busy chasing down rent, workers, and shabby work. I never thought Id get to this point but I guess eventually everyone does. I see my kids getting big and I’m missing out on it. My health is going down hill as I age and this business surely keeps you on edge.
No matter how good of screening I do there seems to be another tenant that just doesn’t care what a lease says or a handyman who can fix it all but can’t organize his day without 3 hour interruptions. My office is full of worthless judgments on tenants who have nothing. Don’t get me wrong not all properties are this way but I seem to get the whisper down the alley affect where several move out without notice all within the same week all around heat season.
Recently I found out that roofers/contractors that HAVE insurance ALL have a workmanship waiver…meaning the insurance doesn’t cover bad work…so 3 ceiling leaks later and another 2k from another roofer has just gotten to me. I’ve been sick for 2.5 weeks mostly due to this all and my wife tells me I’ve checked out. Hell I’ve even missed my 20 yr anniversary….This time I think Im done…as my mother says what good is the money if you won’t live to enjoy it…. Mike
My response: Mike, I hear you loud and clear. In fact, it honestly hurts me to hear all your frustration and heartache. I too hit that point early on in my landlording career, and I started making changes and have been making changes every year ever since. ALL your challenges mentioned CAN be overcome, IF you are willing to stop putting the blame on the tenant pool and so called handymen. The truth is Mike, that YOU are the one that needs to change and improve.
It does NOT have to be the way that it is. The reason why I say it hurts to hear your frustrations, because I know that things could be different and I have helped countless landlords over the years completely turn their dire situation around by making changes to their management approach in various key areas. I’m going to assume you have not been to one of my trainings. If you have, I’d be surprised because based on the way you share of your frustrations goes so counter to the management approach I teach. I put the challenge out to you. Come to my upcoming boot camp. I sincerely want to offer you help. If afterwards you do the management changes I suggest, and you still feel the same, I’ll give you double your money back
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Learn how to MANAGE your rentals like a BUSINESS, and not just have another job for yourself. 

I hear it all the time (again just today in fact)  ”Jeffrey, I’m been having a lot of problems with tenants and it’s hard.” But yet, the same persons have excuses on why they can’t take time to learn how to sharpen their landlording skills so as to make themselves far more effective. The problem is that most landlords (even if you only own one or two rentals) are not running a rental BUSINESS, they are simply tackling one headache after another as they come up instead of doing everything in a systematic manner. And you wonder why you are not as excited about real estate as you once were. It’s because now when you think of real estate what you think of are problems and headaches and who wants that.

Here’s something else I see it all the time – landlords who are so tied (chained) to their rentals that it seems that they are never able to take a day away from their rentals (let alone a vacation) without concern that their rentals or cash flow will be affected.  One more time, the problem is that most landlords (again, even if you only own one or two rentals) are not creating a rental BUSINESS, they have simply created another JOB (or another headache) for themselves by having rental property.  And you wonder why your spouse is not as excited about real estate as you are or once were.  It’s because their “picture” of more properties is more headaches and they don’t want any more headaches. 

I know, because that’s also exactly what happened to me as I began purchasing rental properties.  I was simply making another job for myself (and more headaches for myself and my spouse), which was not why I originally began investing in real estate.  That was not the bigger picture I envisioned.  I wanted more FREEDOM!  I wanted a business where my money was working for me instead of the other way around, where my wife and I could enjoy the fruits of the real estate, and even take a “nice” vacation from time to time.  I did not want to become chained and drained by my rental properties, but that’s how I often felt.  That was not the BIGGER PICTURE I had first hoped for. 

Well, my friends, the big purpose of the boot camp, is to teach real estate investors how to reach the “bigger picture” goal, and one I would challenge you to shoot for: You can know if you are a truly running a “business” and not just creating another job for yourself, by how long you can be away from your rentals and things continue to function without skipping a beat.

“Ideally”, your business should be running everyday like you are on vacation and it should never be a necessity for you to tell your residents where “you” are.

This is not just true with a rental business, but with any business.  When was the last time a neighborhood business gave you a call to let you know that the owner is going on vacation and that may affect how the business will run while they are away?

The only scenario that could possibly occur is with a business that is basically a one-man operation, where the owner does everything.  And even with that, I would say to you that such a business model is NOT what you should be trying to emulate. That’s a business model where you will have extremely limited (if any) growth and vacation possibilities.

I challenge you to join me at this upcoming Landlording Boot Camp and learn how to run, better yet, to learn how to MANAGE your rentals like a BUSINESS, whether you have one or two rentals, or 25 to 50 (or more).  Let me help you  learn how to manage your rentals so that things run smoothly and you don’t have constant problems or headaches and so that your rentals can continue to run successfully with or without you physically on the scene.  And as a result, you increase both your time, personal freedom, and financial freedom, which is the “Bigger Picture” goal that most of us got in this business for in the first place.

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Two Full Days of (Take Control) Training

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 For many years, visitors and subscribers to, and those who have heard him speak briefly at real estate associations and conferences, have been earnestly requesting the opportunity to spend a full day or two to learn from Jeffrey Taylor (founder of MrLandlord).  Jeffrey is considered the most influential trainers in the rental property industry for mom and pop rental property owners, and tens of thousands have read his books and attended his seminars over the last 30+ years.

 GOOD NEWS!  Once again, Jeffrey is conducting a full TWO-DAY bootcamp/training, where the subject matter will be totally on property management.  Jeffrey will cover every major aspect in the rental process that he believes is critical to the success and survival of rental property owners. Other than a bonus session on Friday evening, Jeffrey will personally do the entire training from 8:30 to 5 on both days. He will teach, discuss and share in detail throughout the entire event about each aspect including the programs, policies, procedures and forms he uses to select residents, maximize cash flow and increase resident retention and a whole lot more. This will be an opportunity not only for new and seasoned rental owners to learn in depth from Jeffrey, but also ask tons of questions and come away from the event with knowledge and clear understanding of how to adapt Jeffrey’s money making management concepts and procedures to greatly increase the success and effectiveness of their rental business!
This next major event that can totally revolutionize and transform your rental success will take place July  7th and 8th, 2017 in Orlando, FL.

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Click Now to Register OnlineOr Call 757-436-2606 to Register

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A Request I Hear Often…

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I get asked on occasion if I will come out to the actual property site of management companies or rental owners and provide personalized consultation or training.  The answer is yes I do, however, to be honest there is a high price tag attached, plus travel expenses.

I would actually encourage anyone who has ever thought of getting personalized consultation from me for themselves, their managers, or their management team to strongly consider attend my upcoming landlording boot camp this year.  This training will be limited to a small number of attendees.  Attendees will be able to learn all aspects of my rental business in-depth.  This training will be over a two-day period and all attendees will have ample opportunities to ask me all questions and whatever else is related to their own unique properties, situations, and challenges.  I’ll stay up late or get up early if necessary.

For those two days I will be there to be of complete service to you at a fraction of the cost you would pay to hire me to come to you.  And for those who attend this particular training, I will also share from my own personal rolodex of the names, websites and phone numbers of key contacts of various companies nationwide which I utilize throughout the year.  These individuals add to my on-going success.  Plus, you will receive an audio and dvd copy of two different entire trainings to play back and review over and over.

I purposely limit the number of attedees to this unique training as to be able to offer the most impactful training possible. I want you to have ample opportunity to ask all the questions you need and receive feedback directly related to YOUR rental properties. My sincere goal is to truly help you transform your rental success.  For those who have attended my seminars, and those who have found my interactive style of teaching and training informative, beneficial and motivational, please take advantage of this unique and comprehensive training opportunity.  Sign up for the Landlording Boot Camp today.

Hope to see you there!

Jeffrey Taylor, Founder of

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