A landlord, name Marc, who is planning to attend our next boot camp, asked about the schedule over the two days and the possibility of squeezing in sightseeing or tourist-type activities.

My response (which was echoed by previous attendees): I’ll be  honest with you Marc. Those who attend the boot camp should not come for the social, tourist, or sightseeing activities offered in the area, at least not during the two days of the actual training. This one-of-a-kind landlording training is not called a “boot camp” for nothing. Each information-packed, interactive, intense day of training and workshops starts at 8 and goes non-stop until 6.


And to get the absolute most of the training during those two days, attendees should be TOTALLY FOCUSED on learning and working (even after hours following the days formal training) to rethink through what was taught and immediately begin considering how they can apply, adapt and customize the principles, programs and procedures presented into their own customized rental business plan.


The goal when you finish the training is that the way you “think” about managing your rentals will be totally transformed, which will pay off big dividends to you in greater cash flow, profits and freedom for many years to come.. However, again, that takes total focus for those two days!


If you are interested in enjoying some of the many attractions Orlando has to offer, I would suggest that you plan to come a couple days early or stay a couple of days after the boot camp training. Of course, if you are really looking for a much more relaxed learning environment that actually includes social and sightseeing activities, then I would recommend you also join us for our Landlord Retreat in January. The whole purpose of that event (quite different than the boot camp) is too have both fun and learning in a getaway environment where you can enjoy life for a few days in a luxury all inclusive resort, as you get refreshed and recharged. Go to LandlordRetreat.com for more details.

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