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A Request I Hear Often…

I get asked on occasion if I will come out to the actual property site of management companies or rental owners and provide personalized consultation or training.  The answer is yes I do, however, to be honest there is a high price tag attached, plus travel expenses.

I would actually encourage anyone who has ever thought of getting personalized consultation from me for themselves, their managers, or their management team to strongly consider attend my upcoming landlording boot camp this year.  This training will be limited to a small number of attendees.  Attendees will be able to learn all aspects of my rental business in-depth.  This training will be over a two-day period and all attendees will have ample opportunities to ask me all questions and whatever else is related to their own unique properties, situations, and challenges.  I’ll stay up late or get up early if necessary.

For those two days I will be there to be of complete service to you at a fraction of the cost you would pay to hire me to come to you.  And for those who attend this particular training, I will also share from my own personal rolodex of any names, websites and phone numbers of key contacts of various companies nationwide which I utilize throughout the year that may be of assistance to you.  These are individuals who have added to my on-going success.  Plus, you will receive an audio and video copy of two different entire boot camp trainings to play back and review over and over.

I purposely limit the number of attendees to this unique training as to be able to offer the most impactful training possible. I want you to have ample opportunity to ask all the questions you need and receive feedback directly related to YOUR rental properties. My sincere goal is to truly help you transform your rental success.  For those who have attended my seminars, and those who have found my interactive style of teaching and training informative, beneficial and motivational, please take advantage of this unique and comprehensive training opportunity.  Sign up for the Landlording Boot Camp today.

Hope to see you there!

Jeffrey Taylor, Founder of MrLandlord.com

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