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Two Full Days of (Take Control) Training

 For many years, visitors and subscribers to MrLandlord.com, and those who have heard him speak briefly at real estate associations and conferences, have been earnestly requesting the opportunity to spend a full day or two to learn from Jeffrey Taylor (founder of MrLandlord).  Jeffrey is considered the most influential trainers in the rental property industry for mom and pop rental property owners, and tens of thousands have read his books and attended his seminars over the last 30+ years.

 GOOD NEWS!  Once again, Jeffrey is conducting a full TWO-DAY bootcamp/training, where the subject matter will be totally on property management.  Jeffrey will cover every major aspect in the rental process that he believes is critical to the success and survival of rental property owners. Other than a bonus session on Friday evening, Jeffrey will personally do the entire training from 8 to 6 on both days. He will teach, discuss and share in detail throughout the entire event about each aspect including the programs, policies, procedures and forms he uses to select residents, maximize cash flow and increase resident retention and a whole lot more. This will be an opportunity not only for new and seasoned rental owners to learn in depth from Jeffrey, but also ask tons of questions and come away from the event with knowledge and clear understanding of how to adapt Jeffrey’s money making management concepts and procedures to greatly increase the success and effectiveness of their rental business!
This next major event that can totally revolutionize and transform your rental success will take place July 8th and 9th, 2022 in Orlando, FL.

Click here to see Bootcamp Topics, Bonuses, This year’s Location, or Reviews

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