The entire purpose of the boot camp is aimed at moving landlords to the next level. You often hear this a lot (or a variation of the following) in business promotion:  “Let us help you get your business to the NEXT level.” The thing about that is that nobody stops and really explains or defines what are those levels.  So how do you know when you actually get to a new level? 🙂

Well at my boot camps, we now start off by defining the 5 main levels of landlording. This is so that attendees can identify where they are currently, and more importantly, see where we are headed. Another important point is so that boot camp attendees can tell within 3 to 6 months if the training and bonus resources received has indeed helped them get to the next level or beyond. True business success is all about being able to “measure” your progress. In this brief writing, I can’t fully describe the huge financial impact it will be to your business by reaching the different Landlord Levels. However, below is an outline of how I define the Five Levels of Landlord.


Level 1 Landlord – Awareness of what are the main challenges of rental property success. This means that you as a landlord are at least aware of all 9 main challenges you and every landlord will have to overcome to be successful. You can identify what you will need to know; that you will have to be able to market vacancies, screen for good residents, maximize income, retain them for as long as you can, and a 5 other key aspects.
Level 2 Landlord – You have actually learned at least one or two effective strategies for each or most of the 9 essential challenges. For example, not only are you aware of what the 9 main challenges are, you have learned at least one or two good ways to market a vacancy, one or two good ways to screen prospective residents, and so on and so on.
Level 3 Landlord – As a landlord you implement MULTIPLE strategies and you are continually updating and fine-tuning your procedures. You not only know one or two ways to handle the 9 main challenges of successful landlording; you actually implement multiple (5-10 or more) ways to effectively handle each challenge.
Level 4 Landlord – You develop step by step written checklists for implementing procedures. You not only implement multiple ways to handle each main landlording challenge, but you have taken the time to write down the multiple procedures that you implement into a systematized set of checklists to successfully handle each landlording challenge. In this way you can consistently and effectively repeat your success in doing so.
Level 5 Landlord – You delegate various aspects of your rental business. You not only have your written systems in place, but using that written set of checklists you actually delegate many, if not most, of the the management tasks to others. In that way you have the freedom to focus on growing your rental empire if you choose to do so, or the freedom to enjoy life and other activities.
YOU ARE INVITED! For those of you who have not had the opportunity to join me at one of my boot camps and you would like my assistance in helping take your rental business to the next level, I invite you to join me at our next Boot Camp. And please know this, the training is not just helpful for landlords with dozens of rentals. The training is especially helpful for Mom and Pop landlords with 2 to 25 rentals who work full time, but who are really ready to learn how to best increase income, grow their number of rentals or want more freedom! NOW is the time for you to get serious and put together an effective framework for running your rentals so they don’t keep running you. 🙂 In the two full days of boot camp training along with the resources you walk away with (including a Procedures Manual, comprehensive set of Rental Forms, and a complete set of boot camp audio training), your business WILL get to the next level. Plus, you will be able to review the resources and continue to run and grow your business long after the event is over. I encourage you to set aside time to work ON your business and stop just working it. It will make a BIG difference in your cash flow and real estate success.

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