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A landlord emailed me directly and asked point blank: Is it really worth it, the time and effort to come to the event (so much information is available online and elsewhere)?

I’ll be honest with you. It will be possible for you to eventually learn a lot of what I share. But why take 5 to 10 YEARS to learn what I can teach you in two DAYS? Not only that, it does not make sense to learn so much the HARD WAY, through the school of hard knocks, like so many landlords who end up not lasting long enough to survive and really enjoy the fruits of their rental efforts. There are tons of costly mistakes which I can help you avoid. The problem is that you don’t even know what you don’t know until after the fact. But in the meantime, the way you are running your rentals is costing you thousands of dollars and you don’t even realize it. You just know that you keep having challenges and frustrations and it seems the renters are not getting better.

The truth of the matter and the challenge is not for your renters to get better. The real change needs to be with YOU! I want to challenge you to stop running your business the way you have always done so. Most landlords are not even aware of how much your cash flow can be greatly improved and many frustrations eliminated by simply doing and managing your rental business differently. I promise you I can help you speed up the learning curve in doing things differently and more effectively and will teach you some of the absolute best landlording success practices so much faster than it would take you to learn it on your own. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel! And stop making all the mistakes that the vast majority  of landlords are unknowingly making.

Is it worth it? Is it worth learning from someone who has over 30 years of proven experience and who has helped thousands of rental owners increase their cash flow, improved their sanity and become more successful? YES, it is worth it!

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